SecondWeb is a service designed to provide a failover location in the event of a catastrophe occurring to a member organization's web site. It is designed as a supplement to a member organization's disaster recovery plan.

Should your primary web server become unavailable due to weather, excessive power outages, or other unforeseen circumstances, it is as simple as changing the DNS record to redirect traffic to the SecondWeb server until the original server can be restored. SecondWeb is not a full-fledged replacement for your production web site. It does not support PHP or Perl, nor does it have database access. It is a light-weight quick and easy-to-update off-site stand-in web site intended to maintain your web presence during outages. Use it to keep your visitors informed of needed information, status, and/or contact information during an outage.

I need to activate my SecondWeb site!

The SecondWeb Service is always up, running, and ready. If you manage your own DNS, follow these five steps. If someone else manages your DNS, make a request to your DNS service provider to perform these five steps.

Step 1) Take note of the DNS settings for the effected web site. You will need this information after the outage is over.

Step 2) Change the 'CNAME' record(s) for the effected web site to point to:

Step 3) Change the 'A' record for the effected site (if there is one) to point to:

Step 4) If you have the ability to force a reload of the zone file on your DNS server, you can do so. If not, be aware that the DNS change may not be picked up until the TTL (time-to-live) has expired.

Step 5) When the outage is over, return the DNS to the original settings you recorded in step 1.

If you need to contact MOREnet for SecondWeb help, call 1-800-509-6673 or email

I want to see what the content on my SecondWeb site looks like before I activate it.

To review or preview your SecondWeb content at any time, point your web browser to the following URL ...
  • Example: if your web site's domain name is '' then the URL to enter would be:
You will be prompted for your preview accessname and password. Once this is entered, you will be able to review the site content. (The preview accessname and password will have been provided to you by MOREnet when you purchased the SecondWeb Service.)

I need to update the content on my SecondWeb site.

You will need the FTP accessname and password provided to you by MOREnet when you purchased the SecondWeb Service. You can use any FTP-capable software which supports FTP or FTPeS (FTP over SSL). The FTP server to connect to is ...
Once your FTP-capable client is connected, follow the 'WebPublish' directory folder down to the 'www' directory folder. Upload your content into the 'www' directory.

* The very first time you FTP to your SecondWeb site, you will see files in the 'www' folder. These are initial placeholder files which MOREnet provides. These files are not required; You can delete them or modify them to suit your need.